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MOUNTAIN EXPRESS| Paul Benson’s Secret to Success

MountainExpress Write-up on Paul Dec 2013-1

What is Paul Benson’s secret to success? If you ask Paul what his secret is to selling scores of homes every year, you’ll be met with his broad smile and warm eyes. “I don’t sell houses,” he says affably. “The right home for the right buyer always sells itself. Beyond unlocking the front door, a great house needs no help from me. What I do is offer my extensive experience in negotiations that focus on both sides coming away with a win. Closing over 600 transactions has given me a depth of wisdom in these matters that is founded in studying the best market information available. Most importantly, I hold myself accountable to do everything I can to benefit all parties concerned. That’s it; that’s my secret. I do my best to actually do what I say I’ll do.”

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